Ministerial visit and the onset of winter

22 11 2009

Putting the beams into the woodwork school last week. The building has moved on well and the next story is up already.

There was another rocket attack last night with two landing close to the Serena although probably targeting the Presidential Palace nearby.
However this time I was well away from the rockets as I was back in the fort recovering from a brilliant day’s walking up in the Hindu Kush. Photos to follow.

Visit to Murad Khane from Minister Pashtun, currently our biggest fan

On Friday morning security meant that frizbee, my only regular excercise now winter creeps in, was cancelled. So instead I had a good reason to meet this week’s Afghaniman, the Minister for Urban Development, Minister Pashtun who joined us for a tour of Murad Khane. Dressed smartly in tweed jacket and matching cashmere scarf he took time out to discuss the craftmanship despite coming along to investigate our progress on the sanitation programme. In a difficult contractural situation he has turned out to be our biggest fan. If he can ride out the post-inauguration changes to the Karzai’s Government then it will make TM’s business much smoother. He is unusual in that he is reputed to be corruption free but that isn’t necessarily a reason for Karzai to keep him.

In the meantime the sites move on with surprising speed in anticipation of cold weather that will slow work to a minimum. We have frosts most nights which weakens lime and maskes early starts hard work on the fingers.

Duncan DJ