Skiing and a visit from HRH

26 03 2010

Prince Charles visits TM at the fort to see our work. Rory Stewart also managed to make time from his busy political schedule to show his support.


tomorrow I go skiing which I’ve been waiting for for a while. Additionally we had a visit at the fort on Wednesday from HRH Prince of Wales which was good for all. He looked particularly relaxed and admitted to having looked forwards to his trip for four years. 

Although his visit was only meant to last half an hour he stayed for over an hour and took the chance to speak to all of us with particularly perceptive questions on the urban regeneration we are doing in Murad Khane. 

We have also had the pleasure of our founder’s presence despite his busy political activities not far from my mother’s family home in Cumbria. Although he has been away from Afghanistan with only short visits, his in-depth knowledge of the country is still obvious in conversation. 

More photos of skiing here tomorrow. 

Duncan DJ