UN on the out but wheelbarrows are in

8 11 2009

View of the Jewellery School site from the Woodwork Restoration projectAs the UN staff leave Kabul we at TM keep working away half expecting to be given evacuation orders. Security is definitely tighter but we still go about work and play albeit with open eyes and ears. As always most information is unverifiable so only a pattern of 4-5 different sources all saying the same thing is taken as something you can react to.

Blackhawks over the fort

Helicopters flying in formation as ISAF try to resecure the area surrounding Kabul

Whilst the US and other internationals have supported the IEC’s decision to credit Karzai with the presidency there are also talks to try and remove him through impeachment or similar. This seems confusing and another indication that each decision along this tumultuos election is aimed at keeping the fragile peace without thought for a longer term implication.

Meanwhile the building is coming on great guns as winter creaps closer. The stairs are coming on well with some great stone detailing that brings a bit of baronial Scotland to the heart of Kabul. I have got some great carpenters starting this week so the floors should go in with the minimum of trouble. Lime is stashed away and the stone cutters are chipping away at getting the stone arches finished so we can build up the ground floor walls. I just hope I can get the ground floor soon incase we all have to leave which would be a shame.

Random Bio

Random Afghan of the week. One of the many wheelbarrow porters who move goods around the narrow streets of Murad Khane

Afghan of the week is a random labourer who asked me to take his photograph. He doesn’t even work for TM but as with many of those employed in Murad Khane’s commercial area is paid to transport things by wheelbarrow as there is little other method for travelling the narrow streets. Anything from lightbulbs, vegetables, chairs, cables and other wheelbarrows are carted around. This is one of the narrower streets so getting the 12m sanitation pipes into the centre may be interesting although there is always a way. Even if we need a spare helicopter to do it.

Duncan DJ